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Aligning Problem - Solution - Value Proposition

One of the problems we've seen in startups and their pitches are misaligned Problem - Solution - Value proposition. So let's take a step back and quickly review what's been done so far.

A business model that makes sense

How to check alignment of Problem-Solution-Value Proposition?

Open up the Framework: Summary PSVP and fill it in according to the instructions on it.

Business model problem solution value proposition

Supporting Tools & Additional Resources

Also, for additional information on Problem - Solution - Value Proposition and their fit check out this video: "How to create a winning value proposition for your product" by Dan Olsen, author of "The Lean Product Playbook: How to Innovate with Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Customer Feedback", below. In his video, Dan explains what a product-market fit is and explains how to define the problem and the solution.


Congratulations, you've figured out the Basic Basics of your startup: the problem, target customer, solution and value proposition! Now, let's move to the business assumptions of your startups.

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