• Tamara

Competitive positioning, USP and UVP

You know your competitors. But how are you different to them? Why are your better? Why will people buy your product and not theirs? What's the difference between differentiation and Unique Selling Proposition? Between differentiation and competitive advantage? Isn't the USP the same as the Unique Value Proposition? There are so many different confusing terms: Innovation, Differentiation, USP, UVP... Let's have a look.

Competitive positioning USP  and UVP

What are Innovation, Differentiation, USP and UVP?


If you are a startup, it means you are doing something innovative. Your innovation can touch upon one or multiple aspects of a business. For example, product, offering, experiences, business model or operation.

Areas of business innovation


  • Materials, Technology & Manufacturing Processes: You are using new materials, technologies or manufacturing processes to develop a new or better product

  • Technology: You've developed a new technology

  • Features: You have innovative features