• Tamara

Customer Knowledge, Personas & Interviews

We are coming to one of the most important parts of starting a business. Once you know why you are creating your business (problem), what you are creating (solution), for whom you are creating it (target customers), why customers should use it (value proposition), and how customers pay (revenue model), let's get to know our customers deeply and validate some of those assumptions through interviews.

Customer knowledge personas and interviews

What are Customer Knowledge and Personas?

Customer Knowledge includes everything you learn about your Target Customers. At this stage, you can do that through:

  • Desktop research

  • Observations

  • Interviews

  • Focus Groups

Check out Framework: Customer Knowledge for more information.

Customer knowledge desktop research observations interviews focus groups

Customer Personas help to structure these learnings. Customer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal clients. A customer persona covers the characteristics of the ideal customer (demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic) but in more details than what we've done previously and based on the the research from this article. Framework: Persona covers what kind of information you want to know about your customer segments. You can get familiar with it here:

How to create a persona