• Tamara

How to create a killer Solution

The groundwork on the problem you are solving and target customer enable you now to formulate a solution that fits the assumed customer need and determine which features of your solution are most important for the customer.

How to create a killer solution

What is The Solution?

The formulation of your solution is simply the big picture description of the product or service you are offering and its key features.

Why is only BIG picture solution important at this stage?

  1. Many founders are so passionate and "into" their solution that they forget about the big picture and start thinking about all the small cool features. However, since you always need to validate your product, your customers and your solution, it brings little value to go into the specific feature details from the start.

  2. Additionally, no man can build everything at once. That's why it's important to start with a "Big picture" description of your solution, complemented with the 3 main features. Keep in mind, your solution and features should be directly linked to the problems you are solving.

How to formulate a big picture solution?

Step 1

Simply open-up the Framework: Solution and fill it in. Keep in mind all the work you have done before about the problems and target customers to ensure a Problem-Solution fit.

Define the solution for your startup