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How to organize yourself & your startup team

First, let's talk about your startup's organization. You are either working as a solopreneur or with a team of 1-3 other founders (or more). You need to get organized to start.

How to organize yourself and your startup team

  • Have a master Presentation (Power Point, Key or anything else that suits the whole team) where you will put all your work according to the Parts & Blocks. Keeping track of what is done and discussed is very important to be efficient. Moreover, keeping everything in one place in a structured way makes it easy to refer to needed information

  • Set up a Google Drive (or else) to put all documents in it, so as to make it accessible for the whole team. Here you can put your notes, thoughts, financial models, pictures, marketing material, prototypes etc. Make sure to have a good structure for your drive and keep consistent naming of the files to make it easy to find the right document

  • Use a task & project management app such as Clickup, Asana, Trello or another one. At Creidea, we use Clickup and can recommend it. You can structure it according to the 9 Parts of the Program.

  • You might want to use a time management app such as Harvest to track time (FYI, Clickup has an integrated time-tracking function while you can easily integrate Harvest to Asana).

  • If you are working with a team of co-founders, Bootstrpd, provides a solution to track your time & money contributions from day one, so that you can fairly split the equity upon foundation.

  • At Creidea, we avid fans of goal setting and reminding. We love Rob Dial's Podcast "The mindset mentor" and the episode "The 6 steps to hit ANY goal" (you can listen to it below). According to him and our own additions, to achieve a goal you need to:

  • To set a clear, precise and measurable goal

  • Explain what you are willing to give up to achieve that goal

  • Set a deadline

  • Create a detailed plan of how to achieve that goal

  • Write it down

  • Read it at least 2 times a day (morning and evening)

We love Rob Dial's framework because setting a goal is not enough, you need to be focused. To be focused it's useful to get reminded of that goal and how to achieve it all the time. That's why we recommend going through the framework with the whole team at least once a week and individually every day.

You're all set! We wish you best of luck and are happy to support you further along your journey.

Don't hesitate to give us feedback about what you like and especially about what you don't like! We are striving to improve!

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