• Tamara

Marketing strategy for startups

Nowadays, there are a lot of different & disparate confusing concepts which leads us to forget about how everything fits together and create disparate strategies & marketing & sales activities. So let’s first look at how everything fits together so far.

Customer acquisition


Your customer acquisition process is overall guided by your company's "strategy" that you already have defined in the previous steps (of course, subject to change). The strategy encompasses the problem or underserved need that you are solving, the target customers, the solution & your USP, your value proposition and your branding and so on. Based on this, you can tailor the messages you want to communicate to your potential customers at each stage and the channels through which you will deliver the messages. Usually, your customer acquisition process can be broken down into 4 main steps: Marketing (Awareness & Interest), Sales (Decision & Purchase), Retention (usage, experiences and services) and Advocacy.


In the beginning, your potential customers have no idea you or your product exist. So marketing activities focus on bringing awareness to and interest in your product.


Once your potential customers are interested in your company or product, they start evaluating it. So sales regroups all the activities you do in order to convince the lead to become an actual customer.


At this point, your lead became a customer and you need to provide him with the best experience so that he comes back. In fact, Retention is often underestimated but it's important is high, as you will see in the Block 5: Retention.


Finally, with the rise of social media and sharing behavior, you wan