• Tamara

Product-Market Fit

Before we start with the product development, let's look at two different types of validation: market validation and product validation. In the end, you want to achieve something called a "Product-Market Fit".

Product market fit

What are Market & Product Validation and Product-Market Fit?

Market Validation takes care of proving that a certain target group has a need that needs to be solved.

Product Validation takes care of developing the best possible product, features and UX design that will bring value and customers will like.

Finally, a Product-Market Fit is defined by Marc Andreessen as:

Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.

Dan Olsen further explains Product-Market Fit as an alignment between the Target Customer, the Underserved Need, the Value Proposition, the Feature Set and the UX.

Product market fit framework

Why is Product-Market Fit important?

Product-Market fit is important because you want to play in an attractive market with the best possible product.