• Tamara

Swiss Startup Ecosystem: Incubators, Accelerators, Investors...

Swiss startup ecosystem

There are a couple of startup ecosystem players that you want to know about because of the immense support (finances, resources, visibility or knowledge) that they bring. It's good to understand what they do from the start, so that you can better prepare to reach one of them. This article introduces different startup ecosystem players with focus on Switzerland.


Incubators work with ideation stage startups. Because they are so early-stage, the risk is huge and there are not so many incubation players. They usually provide work spaces, coaching, funding, connections and visibility to their startups. Most of them are application-based, you need to submit your idea or a small pitch and some of them take equity stakes while others don't. In Switzerland, these include Blue Lion, Fongit, Glatec, Start-up Centro Promozione, and Boldbrain Startup Challenge.


Trainings are somewhat similar to Incubators as many of them focus on Ideation stage startups. However, they mostly provide coaching, connections and visibility only. Some of the most popular trainings are from Innosuisse, Startfeld, Startup Academy... There are also a few local associations providing support and training to startups. Check them out for your canton.


Accelerators deal with startups that are a bit more advanced, typically in MVP or early growth phase. They usually provide funds for an equity stake, coaching, connections and introductions to investors. Som examples are Venture Kick,